Behind Uncanny Creations


Hello! I'm Aaron Bloom.

Over the last three decades I have earned my skills as designer and builder through exploration and sheer determination. I devote myself to my clients and their needs, finding creative solutions to seemingly inscrutable problems. There is no more satisfying feeling than helping someone achieve the home they want.

My Apartment


How it All Started

Sometimes the way to learn to swim is by being thrown into the deep end of the pool.  Back in 2012, I signed a lease for an utterly decrepit building that I began to rebuild.  I knew the task would be big, but until I was elbow's deep, I did not realize how big...


The Messy Middle

Anyone else would have walked away, but having set myself to the task, I was determined to see it through.  While my skill levels were already substantial, it is no exaggeration to say it would have been easier to build a new building from scratch.  Before I was done, 1183 Bedford Ave became an advanced degree program in everything that can be wrong with a building.  I passed with honors.


Beautiful Outcome

Today, the building boasts two beautiful apartments, as featured in the New York Times.  Along the way, I learned that there is always a design solution to every problem, and often the most irreconcilable challenges lead to the most creative solutions.