Custom Made for Humans


Custom Built-Ins

Sometimes living in a NYC apartment is like living on a boat; you have to be creative about where you store things.  Let us help you make your row boat feel like the QE2.  We can help you assess the possibilities of your apartment so you can mute that Marie Kondo voice in your head...

Custom Furniture and Woodworking

Sometimes you want more than what you can find at CB2.  Maybe you saw something online and you want to recreate it.  Maybe you have a function, but not yet a form.  Let us custom design and fabricate an object for you like no other.

Custom Lighting Design

Lighting is one of the most important and most overlooked aspect of many homes.  From contemporary LED inlays, to safely modernizing antique fixtures to simply adding dimmers, we can help you set the mood from dappled to shining.

Countertops, Terrazzo, and other Custom Cement Work

Classic marble is nice, but why not have a fresh take on your counters?  With modern cement and terrazzo work, there are literally thousands of colors and aggregates we can mix together to make you a counter (or planters or table tops and more) like no other.